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Featured Projects

Supply, demand, and recruitment analysis

We were asked by multiple groups of specialists to assist them with understanding the true demand for their services within a geographic region. Through multiple processes we were able to extract and combine practice data to:

Establish practice patterns and pressures.

Determine demand for consults and procedures.

Determine median wait times for patients, including unique estimates for the different reasons the patient is seeing a specialist.

We were able to do this by creating important relationships with our clients along with the use of proprietary software. Using the results we were able to predict the appropriate critical mass for a service, i.e. how many doctors are necessary given patient demand, which can be crucial for recruitment, resource planning, and practice sharing.

Pooled referrals

The general surgery group in Kamloops was in need of a central intake for their group to manage referrals from primary care providers. They wanted a system to run in front of their offices that accomplished the following list of extensive needs:

Required no manual sorting and tracking

Ensured all referrals are categorized and urgency coded

Ensured referrals were received by specialists that perform that sub-speciality

Provided confirmations back to the referring provider

Allowed for referral volume to be adjusted for practice needs

Created an accurate intake for tracking, specifically when looking at wait times

Allowed for referrals to be sent to the next specialist to receive that referral type, versus requiring that they be directed to a specific specialist

We created a system that met all of these needs. This system piloted in August 2017 and continues to run in the community, with over 95% uptake of primary care providers in the catchment area. This project was the impetus for Clinnect, a new product created by CRS.

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