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What is Clinnect?

Clinnect is a secure online application for referring physicians to send patient referrals to specialists. Clinnect is the first product that auto-balances referrals among specialist groups and ensures no patient falls through the cracks.

What does Clinnect offer?

For patients

Clinnect has been built for physicians to use. Our goal is to make a positive impact for patients. Taking the place of fax machines, Clinnect implements a more reliable process – offering double checks to ensure a patient’s referral was both sent and received and to ensure our patients are seen by the right specialist for their health concern in the most timely fashion.

For referring providers

Instead of remembering every specialist in town – guessing at who performs which procedure, who is away on holidays, who has retired, and who has recently started practicing, Clinnect keeps track of all these details. Referring providers and their patients can indicate which specialist the patient wishes to see or let Clinnect’s referral algorithm choose the specialist.

Through one portal, referring physicians can send referrals to multiple specialties, receive patient confirmations, and see a full referral history allowing them to track their patients and ensure they reached their specialist.

For specialists

Using a unique set of categories determined by each specialist group, the patient referrals are distributed among the physicians in their specialty using an equal (or customized) distribution algorithm; creating a balanced practice for each physician. Each specialist can indicate which categories they perform and can adjust their referral volume to match their current FTE. Clinnect provides specialists with one place to receive referrals, send referrals to other specialists, and view their full referral history – both sent and received. 

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