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Connecting healthcare and technology

Our mission

To create simple, accessible, innovative healthcare solutions for patients and communities.

Our vision

Every patient and community has access to a transparent healthcare system they can trust.

Our values

We value people above all else. Our product is designed with a patient and community focus. Our team is committed to our users and their patients. 

Our Story

In 2016, Dr. David Hanks and his colleagues had an idea – a centralized referral portal for Kamloops general surgeons. With the help of Angela Hapke, that idea became a project and that project became Central Referral Solutions Inc. 

The initial idea:

A standardized referral service with single-entry, categorization, and accurate measure of wait 1 (time from referral to initial consult), which would allow both referring providers and specialists to optimize their current workflow.

Our end goal:

Balanced wait times for every specialist and appropriate utilization of special skill sets and special interests among consultants. Patients are referred to the appropriate specialist to receive quality treatment in an optimal wait time. With balanced wait lists, we can establish real wait times and understand the appropriate resource base necessary to meet Ministry targets.

General Surgery referrals:

In 2017, we implemented a system to achieve balanced wait list lengths for the General Surgery group in Kamloops, BC. Currently, 95% of primary care providers send Kamloops General Surgery referrals through CRS. When we receive a referral, it is categorized and assigned an urgency. If a specific specialist is not indicated, we have an algorithm which determines the specialist who will receive the referral. This algorithm uses an equal (or customized) referral distribution based on the assigned category. Referring physicians always receive a confirmation indicating who their patient was sent to – ensuring all patients are tracked along their journey.

CRS keeps track of which surgeons are available, who is away on holidays, and who performs each procedure. We direct referrals to the appropriate specialist, while also ensuring continuity of care for patients. Our team has developed software, along the way, from which we glean a detailed understanding of wait-times and the patient journey. 

The next idea:

CRS wants to bring centralized referrals to all specialties in Kamloops.  We can see the benefit of this applied more broadly across our province and Canada as a whole. To accomplish our vision, we have adapted our process and created the product Clinnect. Clinnect is an online patient referral portal. Referring providers can send referrals to multiple specialties and track who those referrals were sent to through a simple dashboard. 

Read more or visit our website, www.clinnect.ca, to learn more.

Our Team

A number of people help bring CRS to life.

Angela Hapke

CEO & Co-Founder

Jackie Gorman

Software Developer

Rosemary Henderson

Medical Office Assistant

Dr. Anise Barton


Dr. James Baughan


Dr. Sean Gorman


Dr. Cecily Jonker


Ottawa August 2018
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Dr. Jon


Dr. Tom Wallace


Fulfilling the vision of Dr. David Hanks

Our visionary, CEO, Co-Founder, and friend.

Dr. David Hanks was a Kamloops General Surgeon who believed in timely access and quality care. Everyday we pursue our vision and the work he started, building a future into the system we believe in.